Whale 2-in-1 Diesel Cooktop and Air Heater

Product Description

The Whale Cooktop is designed for use on boats, in RV’s, camper vans and other mobile home applications, where having an open flame stove, induction or electric stove is not an option. It can run on diesel, kerosene or Jet-A fuel, and features a ceramic hot plate with two flame-less burners. The burner chamber is isolated from the inside of the vehicle (or vessel) and the combustion fumes are exhausted to the outside of the vehicle through the exhaust line and thru-hull fitting supplied in the kit.

Product Meta

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This design (almost*) eliminates the possibility for accumulation of carbon monoxide inside the vehicle, or fire caused by an open flame. When the cooktop lid is closed – the cooktop acts as an air heater thanks to the built in convection fan, allowing to set indoor temperature between 5 – 35 degrees Celsius using the controller. When the lead is open – you can cook. The total heat power dissipated by the unit is 2.2kW. The electric energy consumed during operation is 1.5A at 12V, which allows you to run it even using a small sealed gel battery.

Annual maintenance of this unit is very simple and consists only of cleaning of the inside of the burner assembly, which can be accessed from the bottom of the unit.

Due to intricacies of the design, the startup and shutdown cycles of the unit may take around 3-5 minutes.

(*)Poor workmanship or incorrect installation of this unit may still allow exhaust fume leak to the inside of the vehicle. It’s up to the installer and operator of the product to take good care of the unit condition. GC is not to be held liable in any extent for any possible consequences. Take necessary measures if you smell diesel inside the vehicle when the unit is in operation.