Lynx 2600A No-idle Split Air Conditioner

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This battery powered split type air conditioner comes precharged with eco-friendly R-134a refrigerant. Plug-and-play installation of this AC requires zero runs to a hardware store. All necessary hardware is provided with the unit. Refrigerant lines come insulated and with proper fittings, which makes install a no brainer.

AC runs very quiet and efficient thanks to the new high-tech variable speed compressor and low-noise fans. It also comes with wireless remote, and segment LCD with touch controls located on indoor unit.


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Lynx 2600A is a battery powered split type air conditioner with high (up to 8800btu) cooling capacity. It is designed primarily for automotive applications and could be installed onto RV, semi truck, off-road heavy equipment, mobile home or a boat. Lynx AC could be powered by 12 volt DC or 24V DC auxiliary power unit (APU). It is perfect for an off-grid homes employing solar power sytems, since it does not require an inverter and can run on a standard car battery or a Li-Ion power unit (sold separately).

Installation is very simple:
1. Hang indoor and outdoor units in desired loactions, then hook up supplied lines and wiring;
2. Pump out the air from refrigerant lines with vacuum pump, then open compressor valves to let the refrigerant into the lines;
3. Put on the covers, start the AC and celebrate! You are done.


Parameter 12VDC Version 24VDC Version
Operating voltage range, V 11.5~15.5 12.5~32
Rated power, kW/BTU 2/6800 2.6/8800
Current rating, A 50 38
Current draw, A 25-70 10-45
Airflow, m3/hr 250 300
Setpoint range 16-32 ℃
Refrigerant type 610±20g R-134a
Working pressure 0.4/1.8 Mpa
Compressor type 3-phase variable speed, hermetic
Compressor lubricating oil RL68H(POE) 90-120ML
Gross/Net weight, kg Indoor unit(evaporator): 11 / 6
Outdoor unit (condenser): 32 / 24
Dimensions(L*W*H), mm Indoor unit(evaporator): 540×362×185
Outdoor unit (condenser): 682× 465×192

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