Uplink LTE Remote Heater Controller

Product Description

Uplink LTE remote controller designed to control up to two GC-distributed Bison or Walrus series heaters, as well as GC lithium power units, OBD-II (ISO 15765), or custom CAN/LIN applications and features three digital outpits, three digital inputs, three voltage sense analog inputs. GPS option is available on special order for geotracking and vehicular telematics applications. This modem is subject to a two-year wireless contract with General Components and comes with activated SIM card.

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Uplink LTE® modem is the physical layer of GC Uplink® NB-IoT automation platform. GC’s commitment is to provide device-agnostic approach in remote control and monitoring applications, meaning that you are able to access your equipment from anywhere in the world, using any available internet-connected device (cellphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer of any brand).

Uplink LTE® modem comes with pre-installed SIM card and a cometitive two-year wireless contract. It can control and monitor stationary (NB-IoT) and mobile (Cat-M1) equipment. Three serial ports of the device provide reliable conectivity to controlled equipment and offers wide variety of applications.


  • Highly customzable Cat-M1/NB-IoT connectivity for US and Canada
  • 32-bit Arm Cortex M4 CPU with FreeRTOS operating system
  • Wide operating voltage range: 5V ~ 40VDC peak
  • Low power draw in standby – ~1ma @12V
  • Built-in backup battery allows operation after power loss
  • GPS option is not included, but available on special request


Feature Feature support
Port 1
Port 2
Port 3
Analog input / Voltage sense YES YES YES
Digital Input YES YES YES
Digital Output YES YES YES
Serial interface LIN LIN CAN
Bison air heater support YES YES
Walrus coolant heater support YES YES
Timed ON/OFF feature YES YES YES
7-day schedule YES YES YES
GC Lithium bank BMS support YES
OBD-II / ISO 15765 / J1939 YES
Custom CAN-bus applications YES
Custom LIN applications YES YES