WL35 Multi-Speed Fan-Coil Unit

  • wl35 fan coil unit

Product Description

This auxiliary fan-coil unit features high performance, low-noise dual centrifugal blower with resistive speed controller and is capable of up to 10kW or 35,000 BTU heat transfer from liquid medium to air.

Typically employed in air heating applications, this unit is ideal for commercial vehicles and marine vessels, as an extension to existing HVAC system.

[GC6523]: 12 VDC, 5/8″(16mm) fitting rear exit
[GC6524]: 24 VDC, 5/8″(16mm) fitting rear exit
[GC6525]: 12 VDC, 5/8″(16mm) fitting floor exit

Product Information

  • Voltage: 12V, 24V
  • Compatibility: Red Dot R-295
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[PDF] WL35 fan-coil datasheet