Lithium Portable Power Station with USB type C and 120V Outlet

Product Description

This portable power station features high capacity, LCD display with charge status indication, 3x USB type A ports, 1x USB type C port, cigarette lighter port and a 120VAC 10A receptacle – powerful enough to run even heavy loads! This unit will make sure all your devices are charged throughout the enitre camping trip.
And yes – you can use it to jump start your vehicle.

Product Meta

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Unit Ratings:

Weight, kg 9.9
Dimensions, mm 200*294*146mm
Capacity, per unit, Wh 1000
Max Peak AC Current (< 5sec), A 10
Continuous AC Current, A 5
Charging 19V@5A = 12 hours
13V@8A = 12 hours
24V@5A = 13 hours
Operating Temperature -10C ~ 45C
Storage Temperature -20C ~ 60C